I tried several quick fixes for this issue. Now I really need 'expert' help before I throw my phone into the river. This app (Google Play services) is creating serious runtime issues and affecting the security parameters with my Avast products. Can somebody give me guidance PLEASE!! Thanks PS I posted on Google Play Store ratings review for Google Play services app. The post pretty much details what steps I've tried to resolve the problem. Agents where I purchased my Android phone seem confident that the issue is android based.

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    So you want us to go to the play store and try to find your review to see what detailed steps you have taken to try to resolve your issue? Why not include those detailed steps in your post? – Bo Lawson Jan 16 at 5:48
  • Furthermore, it would be best to mention what issues Play Services is creating for you including to Avast. – Firelord Jan 16 at 8:50
  • 1...I type much too slow. Sometimes chat help gives up and hands me over to somebody else. Then I have to start describing my issue all over again. – Frank Riojas Jan 16 at 13:05

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