On my Nexus 5 (LineageOS 15.1 / Android 8.1) i can't see my device when typing "adb devices" (manjaro with Android SDK 3.2.1). What I tried:

  1. root access: "ADB only"
  2. android debugging: "on"
  3. revoked usb authorizations
  4. usb configuration: "MIDI"/"AUDIO"/"Charging"/"MTP"/"PTP" (tried each)
  5. restarted device connected and also connect after restart was done
  6. changed USB Cable
  7. inserted udev rules (like on arch wiki)
  8. all of this in a root shell

"lsusb" is not listing the device if I have android debugging on. If it's off i see it. (as soon as i switch it on it disappears). I don't have Windows at the time, so would this help?

What can I try next?

My goal was to install ubuntu touch in dual boot mode.

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