I have an Android TV-based player (Flix TVBox, if that matters) and it fails completely on playing / streaming videos from from an external server through SMB or FTP protocol with external subtitles.

Some software players (i.e. VLC) can browse network shares (some can't), but all of them fails on opening external subtitles, i.e. stored in the .srt or .txt file with exactly the same filename as corresponding video file.

It is only possible to display subtitles, if they are embedded into video files that supports embedded subtitles (i.e. MKV) or subtitles downloaded from OpenSubtitles.org. Manually picking .srt / .txt files (in those players that supports such feature) fails as well. It looks like any player (or Android TV itself) is able to "see" video file through SMB or FTP, but becomes completely "blind" when it comes to a corresponding subtitle / non-wideo file.

This is especially weird, because happens only on SMB / FTP protocol. When using exactly the same player on local disk, everything works just like a charm.

I'd like, if this is some known problem / feature / bug and if there is any workaround for this? Or the only option that I have is to play local video with subtitles from local disk, directly attached to this player and no from a local network.

Can anyone shed some light on this problem? Thank you.

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