How can I install google play on emulator? I start my emulator like this:

./emulator -avd my_custom_device_API_26 -dns-server -writable-system 

and I tried it this way but it doesn't work. Although I'm staring emulator as writable, I get:

remote couldn't create file: Read-only file system

Also I've bit different Apks as mentioned in that answer namely: PrebuiltGmsCorePix.apk instead GmsCore.apk and I can't find GoogleLoginService.apk. I have openGapps 8.1 pico version. I've also tired to install Apks but was unsucessful

  • You need to elevate to root access to mount RW. Try adb root then adb remount then push and install your package. – Bo Lawson Jan 18 '19 at 13:45
  • You can alternatively, install Google Play image, with is pre-bundled with playstore, play services etc – xavier_fakerat Jan 18 '19 at 15:55
  • and "where is that image" i.e can you send me a link pls, I only know opengapps can't find anything relevant. And is it easily instalable on emualtor? FYI I'm on Linux - Fedora – Roberto Balejík Jan 18 '19 at 21:34

For that you have to install Google play image from Android Studio SDK manager.But you can't get it for api level below 24 enter image description here


Remember that to display all those submenus you have to tick Show Package Details on Android SDK setting:

enter image description here

Also the download may be about 2GB but on hard drive may take 10GB once decompressed.

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