I've just installed Bluestacks on my PC because I wanted to run whatsapp inside it. I have two whatsapp account. The first one on my smarthphone and the second one inside the bluestacks emulator. I want to do this because till now I used whatsapp desktop on my PC instead of using it directly on my smartphone. But the problem was that often the connection was lost and above all whatsapp for the smartphone eats a lot of battery from the phone. So I had the idea to use it directly inside the android emulator. NOW,a problem arises : when I'm at home,I kill whatsapp on my phone and I use that installed on the android emulator. BUT when I'm out of my home,I would like to see what my friends are saying in one of the two accounts. So,I have installed the "screen stream mirroring" app inside bluestacks. It says that the mirroring address is "". I tried to connect a web browser from the pc and from the smartphone to that address but it refuses the connection. I have also registered a new dyndns account and I have installed a dns manager inside bluestacks because I wanted to point the address "" to a domain name,but it didn't work. It says : "wrong ip address". I know that I could install a screen stream application directly on the host OS (Windows 10 in my case),but this has a big dis advantage : I should keep the bluestacks window opened and it takes a lot of space from my screen. I have also tried to run teamviewer on the bluestacks side and on the smartphone side,but I don't like this solution,because everytime I should understand where the pointer is positioned and I should move it exactly where I would like it to be. I would like also say that for me it's not useful at all using two android remote applications which works only inside the same network,because when I go out of my home usually I use the mobile connection that I have on my phone and not the wi-fi connection that's inside my house. So,the question is : how can I stream to my smartphone (samsung note 3) only what I see inside the bluestacks window ?

  • There are a number of separate issues within your question. If you were trying address "" did you find/read: developer.android.com/studio/run/emulator-networking or ADB Bluestacks - Connect 2 PC – Morrison Chang Jan 20 at 2:22
  • excuse me,but I don't understand how make it works. I'm running the trivial port forwarding on windows 10 like this : > trivial_portforward.exe 9999 5555 but inside bluestacks the IP number is again : and it says that the screen stream mirroring APP is listening at : ; since the IP number of Windows 10 is : but when I open the address ; on Windows it says : connection rejected... – Marietto Jan 20 at 14:28
  • I believe you should testing with a different device on your home network. The point of port forwarding is to connect to your emulator from outside of the computer running it. Windows firewall/anti-virus may be blocking the port. You should easily find references on the subject online via your favorite search engine as it is not Android specific. – Morrison Chang Jan 21 at 3:01
  • what I don't understand is which port should I use on the host OS...I'm using 5555,BUT the port used by the mirroring APP is 5000...does it matter if they are different ? – Marietto Jan 21 at 12:24

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