My phone, Alcatel 4033e, was perfectly rooted with supersu. No problem with that. And so I wanted to increase my phones internal using my external. I searched how to do it on youtube, using ES file explorer.

I went to root>etc>vold.fstab>

I then edited vold.stab, those with sdcard0 were changed to sdcard1 and vice versa.

I rebooted my phone and checked if it worked. My original internal is 2gb and external is 8gb, after the reboot my interbal is still 2 but my external became 0. So I went back to vold.stab folder and returned that changes back to original then reboot. But that was it. The screen lights up but its all black. I it wont respond to anything, not even turning it back off works. All I can do is either let it drain or remove the battery. I can't do hard set, the.screen is lit but all black. A shining bricked phone haha

Help please. Thanks!!!

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