So to compound things, I don't have access to this device, it's a friend who had this happen and I'm guiding her via text. She originally got a message saying "device memory low", and that she could either: "Close App" or "Close App and prevent from opening again" It gave her a list of 3, not sure why she chose messenger. Anyways, she chose the latter, and so now it works if she opens it, but she is not notified at all, even if FB is open.
She has a BB KeyOne running Android 8.1. She had uninstalled and reinstalled, cleared cache, verified all notifications are set to on. I've had her clear data/storage, check under apps that chatheads is active. When we went into developer options > running services, it shows up as 2 processes and 1 service, while I have 2 services, the difference being "chat heads" so was operating under the assumption that it may be related.
Any advice? She doesn't want to have to factory reset. TIA

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