I've just bought a Lekemi GPS tracker to protect my car. it works like this : if someone moves the car it sends to me an SMS message. And it sends to me another SMS if someone exceeds the speed threshold.

Now the problem: it does the same when it's me that uses the car. I would like to find a way to send two sms to the tracker a moment before I open the door of the car,so that it can turn off the alarms. And also I want to find a way to turn on the alarms when I go out of the car.

Inside the GPS tracker there is a SIM card with a mobile account. On my phone (Samsung Note 3) I've installed Android 8. So, I would like to find a way to have my Note 3 recognize the GPS signal of the tracker and send the SMS that I need. And it should also recognizes when the GPS signal is not present anymore.

Or do you have any other idea? The tracker does not produce a WI-FI signal. If it did it,I could have configured my phone to detect it from the right distance,for sending the sms....

  • The tracker does not send an GPS signal, so you cannot recognize that. You could however detect the car itself if it has e.g. some Bluetooth device. Or make use of NFC, e.g. place an NFC tag in the car and have your Note detect that. You've already used the tasker tag, that's one powerful automation app which can be used in this context. Also follow up the automation tag for more. – Izzy Jan 22 at 6:52

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