I just got a USB DAC/AMP for my S9+ and I can't get any audio to be sent over USB.

Things I've tried:

  • Updating from Android 8.0.0 to Android 9
  • Confirmed the cable is OTG
  • Used Included OTG adaptor with DAC/AMP's included cable
  • Confirmed Setup works on friends Galaxy S8

When connecting the DAC/AMP to my S9+ it recognises that the USB device is connected but when I tap to change the USB settings it says that the USB connection is being controlled by the external device but when I tap to switch it to being controlled by the Phone is says "Couldn't Switch" and the DAC/AMP switches off because the connection has been refused.

When connected to my friends S8 it worked straight away no need to change any settings


I found that turning on Hardware Acceleration in Developer Options fixed the issue.

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