I am a leader in a group and would like to communicate important information to the group. I've found that most people do not read their email despite important information coming through the email but that texting (as is well established in studies) has a much higher read rate. The group consists of ~30 people.

I am looking for some way to:

  • Send messages directly to group members' phones and doesn't require anyone beyond those who are sending the messages to download an app
  • Send SMS or something similarly general and simple (MMS doesn't work on everybody's phones in the group, and strongly prefer it to be a text message rather than e.g. Hangouts message)
  • Allow the group leaders to easily make, maintain, and modify a saved list of phone numbers to message
  • Not spend money on this functionality
  • Not allow those who receive the message to “reply all” and message everyone else, rather only certain designated people (or at least, only the person who sent the message) would receive a reply
  • Have the entire group leadership would have access to the phone number list and the ability to send a message out (rather than just one person)

Does this functionality exist on Android?

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