I recently got an Android phone (Oreo) and configured my professional IMAP account in it, the issue I'm having is that it can sync every folder except the Drafts folder. It is very weird because I have tried this in at least 4 different mail apps and only one of them was able to retrieve and sync the contents of the Drafts folder.

For starters, the mail server is Dovecot, and the e-mail account (sub)folder structure is typical:


Of the 4 apps tested, 3 were able to retrieve the contents and sync all the folders with the exception of the Drafts folder. Anything saved to the Drafts folder on the phone only stayed on the phone, and anything saved to the Drafts folder in the IMAP account stayed in the live account when done through webmail, Outlook (desktop), or Thunderbird. 1 app was able to retrieve the contents of and sync all folders correctly, although the folders had to be mapped manually first.

Apps tested:

  • Gmail: Unable to fetch or sync the contents of the Drafts folder, stalls when attempting to refresh its contents, does not allow to manually map folders;
  • Huawei's built-in mail app: Behaves pretty much in the same way as the Gmail app;
  • Outlook: Unable to fetch or sync the contents of the Drafts folder out of the box, even though it allows to manually map folders. The contents of the folder are only accessible if it is unmapped as the default Drafts folder and seen as a custom folder;
  • BlueMail: Does not map the folders automatically, but works perfectly once each of them is mapped manually.

I have also created a test account to see if there was any change, but there wasn't. Is anyone familiar with such an issue? Any ideas on how to debug this?

Thanks in advance.

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