title is a bit difficult but I try to explain that i want to achieve:

I would like to be able to save the companies number with a few placeholder that have to be filled on a call.

So that I am able to store the main part of the companies telefonnumber and if I want to call someone I just have to append the internal number.


  • companies number is: +12 234567890
  • internal numbers are
    • 123
    • 456
    • 789

If i want to reach someone directly I have to replace the last 0 with the 3 digit internal number

  • +12 23456789123
  • +12 23456789456
  • +12 23456789789

is there any way to store a number in the phonebook that contains placeholder digits that iam asked to enter if i call this number?

This would prevent me from adding a lot of own contacts or copy pasting the prefix number each time i call someone new

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