The notification bar is no longer pulling down on my phone, this doesn't feel like a glitch, but some sort of setting which I've triggered with an errant finger press, here is a picture to illustrate my problem. Usually, I can just drag this down with my finger, and the 4 icons at the top (wifi, bluetooth etc) will expand into a grid with all the options. Is there any way I can return this setting?

I may be calling this the wrong thing, if so please correct me as to what this part of the OS is called, shortcut bar/status bar?


Edit: Phone brand and model: Motorola one, android version: 9, launcher: nova launcher

  • Can you provide your device brand, model and Android version – Reddy Lutonadio Jan 23 at 19:48
  • Have you tried turning it off and back on again? – SiXandSeven8ths Jan 23 at 21:59
  • This did fix it, however I'm still interested in why this would happen – Biomage Jan 25 at 10:46

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