Samsung Xcover3, Marshmallow, unrooted.

Is there a way to export (as CSV for example) storage, and possibly data transfer, stats per application?

I'm using an oldish phone with limited storage as a bike GPS, and mainly just go online through wifi to get maps and the occasional app I might want to add. I'm using NoRoot firewall to limit what can get through, but I find that G**gle etc manage to squeeze a lot of stuff down which I don't necessarily want. So for now I'd like to be able to export lists of installed apps with their storage, before and after wifi connection, to see if I can understand what's coming down, and what I can block or delete later.

Is there such an app? Or can I interrogate Android for that info from a connected Linux machine?

In the longer term I'll think about taking control of the device with a new OS, but for now I'd like to try the above.

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