I'm using Huawei honor 4x. Recently I noticed a strange icon appearing in my notification bar. It will appear out of nowhere, stays there for a while and then disappear. I only have a few apps installed in my phone, and the icon is not seem to be originating from any of them. I'm attacdisappershing screenshot. If anyone can identify this icon and its source it will be a help. Because I'm worried that this could be a spying app.sedisapperse the icon on the left top side

EDIT : This is not a duplicate question as, in those questions already asked they are asking about finding an app which gives a specific notification. Which can be done by

1) pressing and holding the notification. 2) installing some 3rd party tools to view recent notification logs

Here my problem is that I don't have any such notifications to use. All I see is this strange looking logo, with very low opacity. That is the reason why it is not that clear. This icon pops up silently stays there for 30~50 seconds and then disappears. I have changed my wallpaper to a darker one and I'm waiting for this thing to show up again.

I want to know if anyone here ever saw this icon before, or is there any tool which we can install which will keep a track of all the icons displayed on the notification bar.

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    What happens if you pull down the notification shade, is there anything there? – acejavelin Jan 25 '19 at 14:49
  • @acejavelin when I pull down the notification shade, there is nothing there. That's why this looks suspicious. – blackFox Jan 27 '19 at 20:15

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