How do I manually Sync Outlook 2010 contacts and calendar only from Windows PC to Android cell phone (Samsung Galaxy S II) via USB cord only. I do NOT want to use any kind of web based product, i.e. Google, nor pay 3rd party software program to do this, unless I have to. I don’t want automatic syncing; I just want control of my data by plugging my cell into my computer via USB cord and manually hitting sync. If I make a change to contacts or calendar on my cell, when I plug it into my computer it transfers data and vice versa without it cutting off data in the notes of contacts or anywhere else because web based products only allow a certain amount of data to transfer. Also, what applications do I need to have on my cell phone for the contacts and calendar to work? I use Gmail separately for my emails by going to Google, but do not want that on Outlook 2010. Also, NO I will not give up Outlook.


If you don't want to use third party software then you need to use Samsung's Kies. It says here that it supports syncing with Outlook, though I don't know the details.

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