I lost the tabs on my browser app (AdBlock Plus), and I'm trying to recover them. I know that there's a chance they are not entirely lost, the browser history remains (plus the browser is Firefox-based, so that works in my favor too). The problem is, to the best of my knowledge the files that might contain the session backup are in "Android/data" folder, and without root rights most of the files there are hidden. I tried to pull them through adb tool, but it can't see hidden files either.

By now I see three possible solutions:

1) find a way to access hidden files without root rights;

2) make the data dump of the entire phone and find a way to recover that hidden file from there, hoping that AdBlock does not disallow backups (explained here);

3) root the device without factory reset, as described here.

I suspect that the latter two solutions are similar in nature and risky in execution. Is there a way to do the first, and if not, which of the latter two would you recommend?

Sorry if I ask/say something stupid, I'm not at all knowledgeable in Android, that's the best understanding I have so far.

Smartphone: BLU Vivo 5R

Android version: 7.0

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