Android's prefs lets me give or revoke individual permissions for individual apps.

But sometimes an app will refuse to run without being given permissions that don't seem relevant for such an app.

So are there apps which can be used as a go-between so that I can give a permission to an app that demands it, but also blocks or alerts me when that app tries to use such functions?

This would be helpful to find out if apps really do have an unexpected use for such features, or give extra hints that they may be doing nefarious things beyond the advertised functionality, or just let you more safely use an app without worrying that it does extra things.

An app may require extra permissions just due to lazy programmers for instance but be a useful app. Some such apps are built in apps on some phone brands.

For instance the weather app on my Xiaomi phone refuses to run without permission to make and manage phone calls.

(If no such apps exist, do we know if they are at least programatically possible?)

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