A lot of docs are explaining how to send an SMS from an Android using adb command line, but none of these work for the newer Android version 8.

I am eager to know where are the docs for

service call isms [args...]

Thanks in advance.


Now, I finally can send SMS through the command line on an Android 8.0-oreo performing next steps:

  • Installing the ShellMS app on the phone (once for ever)
  • Going on the phone to Settings > Apps > ShellMS > Permissions > Enable all the permissions (once for ever). This step will no longer be necessary once an issue about permissions will be fixed
  • Connecting the phone to the computer with USB (and giving permission on the phone for accessing data, if asked)
  • Issuing next script on the computer:
# escape double quotes
adb shell "am startservice --user 0 -n com.android.shellms/.sendSMS -e contact \"$phonenumber\" -e msg \"$message\""

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