On my new Samsung Galaxy S9 running Android Oreo, new email notifications (Gmail app) do not show the email subject. This happens even if I just have a single email notification. If I unlock the phone and check the notification shade, it has all the required details.

I am wondering if there is a setting on Samsung phones that causes notification details to be hidden on the lock screen for the sake of privacy.

This was working fine on my Pixel.

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Found it! The setting to change is here:

Open the Gmail app. Go to Settings > (Email address) > Manage Notifications > Lock screen > Show content


There should be an app setting (Settings > Apps > Gmail) to allow or disallow sensitive content on the lock screen. There should also be a standard setting in Settings > Security to disallow sensitive notifications on the lock screen. I am not very sure of how Samsung implements them. But should be there somewhere.

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