So, i have a Sony Xperia M4 Aqua and i'm trying to unlock the bootloader in order to flash a recovery and ROM, and i stumbled upon a problem i can't overcome: namely, i can not install the winUSB driver. I am using win 10 ( and an AMD cpu if that matter at all )

Here is the error in the flash tool:

Here is the installer that the log recommended to use:

And, unfortunately, here is the outcome:

I also tried downloading the drivers and installing them through computer managment, but that did not work aswell

I tried downloading the xperia companion, but it's no good, apparently it did not install the drivers.

Can anyone help me with installing this driver? Or is it possible i could root and flash without unlocking bootloader? ( I tried that with TWRP, but it required su command in installation batch )

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