I'm using Samsung Galaxy Note 3 on Android 5.0. Till now it worked very well until I installed some apps, then Google Keep stops showing the letters I typed in the search field.

So I enter keywords to be searched in the search field of Google Keep app, but it doesn't show what I'm typing, although the app still senses what I type because it gives results of notes containing the letters I type. Still, it's inconvenient because if I mistype a word, I can't figure out I had mistyped that word.

I have cleaned its cache and reinstalled it, but still not fixed.

I want to see again what I am typing in the "Search your notes" field of Google Keep app. How to fix this?

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    First of all, is the screenshot really about the result of the search? When I tried searching on Google Keep, the keywords will also be highlighted in the notes. Did you mean that the text doesn't appear at all even after searching, or only when typing? Second, are you using a 3rd-party keyboard/apps that can intercept text input? – Andrew T. Feb 3 '19 at 14:45
  • Search letters are indeed highlighted like in a I've picture and appear only the notes containing the letters typed. ..problem is in the search field doesn't appear the word I searched on....in bwgginings was appearing. – Mike Rider Feb 3 '19 at 14:56

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