I am trying to connect to internet using huawei 3g dongle e1731 on android-x86-7.1-r2 using ppp2 widget (tried ppp and ppp3 but not worked).I was able to browse the internet using chrome but playstore kept showing error no internet connection.All other apps did not detect any network ,but playstore though, gave no connection error, i was able to browse apps,was able to see description of apps but when clicked on install then no downloading process start but it shows something like this playstore {the given ppp logs status is based on my memory,if actual log is needed please do comment} ppp logs said no response from dns server assuming connected . The DNS address 1 was and DNS address 2 was

I want to resolve this problem so that i can connect to internet without any problems.So please help!! Thanks in advance for helping !!

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