In Windows File Explorer, my phone is listed along side C, D, and E drives. However, cmd and PowerShell start in C:\. This is the closest thing to what I want, but the command doesn't output anything and I can't understand much of it. Even the poster wasn't able to use it to browse storage. So how do I go below C:\ or mount a device using MTP?

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  • MTP is a client-server type protocol. It doesn't mount filesystem as a drive, so you can't have a drive letter. You can setup SSHFS, ADBFS etc. to get a drive letter. – Irfan Latif Feb 3 at 7:59
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    I do know MTP works this way, but I thought it could be done if there was some sort of interface between the PC client and the user. Maybe this is stupid, but it seems like a directory could be made called C:\device#IMEI which shows the files as the MTP client sees them. Then delete the directory when the device is disconected. – Deoxal Feb 4 at 0:37

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