I would like you create custom separate shortcuts to MPV player for each of my IP cameras around the house.

I can launch MPV to directly play the camera stream using adb

adb shell am start -n is.xyz.mpv/is.xyz.mpv.MPVActivity -e filepath "rtsp://login:password@"`

I tried editing sqlite db /data/data/org.lineageos.trebuchet/databases/launcher.db and adding new entry for each shortcut but it didn't work. I'm not 100% sure how to pass extras variable in format like

  • It seems that you have root access, given that you can edit that database. In that case, why don't you use Tasker app? You can setup a shortcut (as many as you want) with that first command of yours. – Firelord Feb 3 at 18:48
  • @Firelord thanks, that looks like it could achieve what I want, but it seems Tasker is paid app. It is somewhat ridiculous such a basic feature is so hard to achieve - creating shortcuts with arguments is a basic feature that normal desktop OS have built-in for decades. – Gargauth Feb 9 at 18:53
  • The app Automate (Llama labs) as well as Terminal Emulator also has a 1x1 widget where you can attach your commands. – Firelord Feb 9 at 19:08

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