I have a Xiaomi Mi Laser Beamer with android TV and a Logitec MX Anywhere 2 (mouse) and a Logitec Craft (Keyboard). The beamer came together with a bluetooth remote control.

The keyboard and the mouse are able to pair to three different devices each via USB dongle or bluetooth and switch between those connected devices. Both work at my laptop.

The bluetooth remote control perfectly connected when I installed the beamer. A couple of minutes ago I connected the keyboard. And now I would like to connect the mouse, too.

I set the mouse into pairing mode (the led is blinking) and the beamer, too. The beamer shows a that he founds the mouse and displays the name of the mouse and its MAC address.

When I hit the "OK" or Enter-Button of the remote control a message appears "This action is not supported." (translated). And there is an visual effect on the GUI elemtent that represents the mouse. So I guess that the hit of the button on the remote control was correctly associated with the mouse. But maybe it was the wrong action.

I tried a couple of things with the remote (which is really limited) and the keyboard to tell the beamer, to pair with the mouse, but I was not successful.

Please help getting both devices paired. I guess its only a problem of user interface.

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