WiFi source is my (Galaxy M20) Android 6.0 phone giving WPA2-PSK WiFi hotspot.

following devices are near by (on same table0

  1. HP Pavillion G6 (laptop, windows 7) easily gets wifi, plays 1080p youtube vids

  2. Moto G (android 5.1) gets wifi but with exclamation mark - sometimes internet runs and sometimes not (google play updates even when there is that ! sign in wifi notification symbol) but whatsapp never shows new photos/videos (moto's says its IP is, strange because this is only second device on my hotsport network)

  3. Xolo Era 1X (android 6.0) wifi shows connecting but status is struck at obtaining ip address..., myself tried turning off dhcp and give static IP then it shows connected (no ! sign in wifi notification) but no browser can open any pages

Why can windows get internet (fast internet) but android's own brothers can't get?

  • Are the other devices using the same gateway as windows machine ? AFAIK Android builtin wi-fi tethering is designed to use range and is hard-coded, don't know if the adresses you mentioned correspond to this, but be sure to check the devices are using the same gateway, if possible change DNS servers as well – xavier_fakerat Feb 6 at 18:05

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