Here's the situation. I have a friend with a hearing disability where they can only read words to know what is going on. They have a Lenovo TB X103F with a caption program that will dictate what someone is close proximity is saying to them. They are attempting to use this at church, but the ability to sit next to a clear speaker that picks up well on the internal microphone is difficult.

The idea is to have a bluetooth transmitter that can take an audio input (this will be connected to an output on the mixing board for the churches sound system) and have the tablet use that as an external microphone that the dictation app with then take the input audio and caption it.

I purchased a 1MII B03, but when it is transmit mode it does not connect as a bluetooth device to the tablet, only when it is in receive mode and is looking for music to be sent to it from the tablet does it connect.

Any suggestions on how this could be done would be much appreciated.

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