On Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 with MIUI 10, Android 7 there is no way to enable sound for calendar notifications, I get vibrations only. I have tried several calendar apps including Google, MIUI, aCalendar+, various settings including setting battery optimisation off but it never plays a sound, it only vibrates.

When I press TEST in aCalendar+ notifications settings it vibrates but makes no sound and provides no further help. Of course my sounds are on and I have even tried to turn off bluetooth. I have no SD card, all sounds are stored in internal memory.

Notifications form WhatsApp or Facebook messenger work well with the sound.

Any hints?

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Finally figured it out by browsing and reviewing all available settings.

There is an entry Notifications and status bar under System & Devices menu. There is an entry App notifications and I have enabled everything for aCalendar+ there. Now notifications come with sound finally.

Those settings are quite complicated especially for former Windows Phone users where such stuff worked out of the box.

A good article about the problem is here.

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