I have an android device lg v30 and recently I purchased an sdcard for it. Naturally, I enabled encryption on the sd card (full encryption). Encryption completed successfully. I used the card for around a month - took pictures, kept there some of the files from work. Today I decided to double check if the card is actually encrypted (shows that it is encrypted in the android settings). To my great surprise, I was able to read every single file from the sd card after ejecting it from the phone and plugging it in my laptop. WTF?! Is this supposed to be like this. Naturally, I "decrypted" and "encrypted" my sdcard over and over again several times from the Settings menu, each time "successfully", but actully not - after checking it on the laptop.

Any idea? I googled for it and found almost no information on the simillar cases. I guess nobody actually checks if the card gets encrypted or not, that's why.

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