This is a modified cross-post from ebooks, but perhaps more of an Android question since Kindle Fire runs on a bespoke Android build.

I have a Kindle Fire 8 (7th gen) running on Fire OS, which I believe is the same as, just misnamed. The underlying Android build for this is Android 5.1.1 Lollipop.

I use RescueTime on my MacBook and Chromebook to log my on-screen activity, which has been tremendously useful. Unfortunately, while there is a native Amazon app for RescueTime, it is not compatible with any recent-generation Fire.

So I tried installing RescueTime on my Fire two different ways: First, through an APK, and the through Google Play, which I use for common apps not available through Amazon like WordFeud.

To be useful, however, the app needs access to the Fire's app activity so I can track when I'm reading a book, the news, or, well, playing WordFeud. When I log in with either installation version, I get a generic android screen asking for permissions:


I've got through the Fire's settings ad nauseam without luck. I see a "Device Administrators" option under "Security & Privacy," but when I open it I don't have any options to enable specific apps. All it offers is "Find My Device" and "Google Pay."

Is there any way, besides rooting the Fire and installing a native Android build, to allow apps to access the more generic Android-level permissions? I don't mind rooting the device -- it's out of warranty -- but would prefer not to switch the OS entirely. Thanks!

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