I have a very limited budget so I would like to use a smartphone/tablet as CPU only in order to transfer the video from any of these devices to a Smart TV as well as using a keyboard & mouse using cables.

I have tried using an OTG cable and it works fine for Keyboard & Mouse, but I just need to take out the video from this tinny devices to the Smart TV.

In my case it's: 1. LG SmartTV 2. Android smartphone/tablet both with versions: 6, 7+

How am I missing? How can I achieve that?

Thank you in advance.

  • You can run an ftp server on your Android phone/tablet, locally or globally, install an FTP supported file manager on your TV and access/download the files from your server in your TV. This, though, is a wireless solution you are not expecting. – Firelord Feb 10 at 22:38

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