I have used Google Photos App on iOS and the google account there allows me to disable access to the other google services where I don't see my other accounts in all Google Apps like Youtube, Gmail, Drive etc. This can't be done as far as I know on an android device. Although I can turn the automatic sync off but the account is pretty much there on all apps. Is it possible in some way that I achieve the same behavior as in iOS. It's pretty strange that google apps are giving more options on iOS than on Android.

  • I don't use Google products but there are two non-root possible ways I can think of. Either restrict Google apps' (YouTube, Gmail, Drive) ability to read accounts by denying AppOps operation GET_ACCOUNTS. Or add Google account to a new Work Profile and use Google Photos in that profile. Jul 14, 2019 at 18:20

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I wanted to use Meet for workplace meetings but I absolutely didn't want my workplace account to be all over my phone, my emails, calendar etc. So I have installed Shelter. It's a delight to use. The app itself looks simple, it has two tabs, Main and Shelter. Initially I had only very few apps in the Shelter: Contacts, Files, Google Play Store (and Moto Actions). I can see them in the launcher, they have a little briefcase overlay, here are three normal icons with two versions of the Play Store:

launcher icons

I launched the work Play Store, added my workplace Google Account as prompted, installed Meet, the screenhshot has Messages next to it to show the difference:

more icons

The apps outside of the Shelter do not see my workplace account. This is absolutely perfect. Here's how Shelter now looks:



There are two ways to do it.

Method 1 - Ugly

If your phone supports multiple sessions (I mean this), then disable GApps except Google Photos in the new user session.

Method 2 - Better

Use Parallel Space and just run the Google Photos A.P.K. in it
I'm not sure here but I think if you are a privileged user you can direct the sign in to a webview.

As suggested by @chx, Shelter is good, I just tested it, makes clone for these apps when I tried to do it for Google Photos.


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