I have rooted my Vodafone 985N phone and I want to install a custom OS like lineage on it. Is my device compatible? Because I can't seem to find anything about installing custom roms on it.

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  • ROMs are device specific. You have to search for a device specific ROM. – Firelord Feb 12 at 1:45

First you need a custom recovery like cwm or twrp, but in your case it's a bit more complicated, since I think there's no source code from your phone. You'd have to port a twrp from another device with the same specs as yours, and that is very risky, because any flash or modify on the system can has as resulty a brick soft or hard. You must also port the custom rom, this is a lot of work, but if you are interested you can look at xda there are a good tutorials to port a custom rom with mtk chip from Android KitKat to Android Lollipop or Marschmellow, If you try it good luck that you don't brick it.

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