For many releases of Android, I've used inverted colors at night to reduce screen induced insomnia. A black background is much easier on the eyes than a white background,

Prior to 8.1 (on a Samsung Galaxy Tab S4), the inverted colors feature did exactly that. For example, inverting blue became Orange. In 8.1, inverting blue becomes blue. Many other colors don't invert correctly as they did in previous android versions. On Apple devices, inverting colors works exactly as it did prior to android 8,1.

Does anybody know why inverted colors changed in 8.1? Can a bug report be filed? The way it works in 8.1 is just wrong.

Is there a better place to post this question/complaint?


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    It might be a bug, but since there are many ways to invert colors, could you state how you invert it in the first place? Are you using 3rd-party apps, or integrated settings, or accessibility option? – Andrew T. Feb 12 at 8:12

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