Yesterday I noticed that my s7 was turned off. I was unable to turn it on again until I plugged it in charge and then strangely noticed that it was not on very low battery (even if it was relatively warm...) say 50%.

I thought it could be related to the small amount of free space left (less than 1Gb) and had the idea of clearing Spotify cache and uninstalling some apps. I was able to clear some 4 Gb this way.

The trouble was that as soon as I disconnected the charger and plugged the headphones ... it turned off again. This pattern followed: plug the phone, turn it on, unplug, use it for a bit (e.g. send a WhatsApp message to my wife) then wait for a while to find it turned off.

Today I tried to connect to the pc for a backup (which seems like a good idea given the circumstances). The battery indicator gives a (apparently) good 90% but until I plugged the USB cable I was unable to turn it on.

The connection to the pc was not easy, I had to start and stop smartswitch many times (but this ... happens to me a lot even in good times). Now after a lot of tries the backup seems (...hopefully at least ) to be running.

At first I thought the problem was with the battery but now I think that the culprit could (also) be in the usb connector? The battery is cold and has never been warm again.

What is happening? What can I do? Any ideas?

The idea of ditching a phone which was totally fine for me until yesterday is less than appealing...

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