Recently purchased a new cord and box. It is now flashing on/off on the battery feature. Help It is also not holding the charge

  • What android device are you using ? .. Version, Etc... Have you damaged the charger port, has it had water damage ? ... Is the "Box" a new Adapter ? ... .. The Adapter may be the wrong voltage .. Your device might require a stronger one, or hopefully not for you sake, a weaker one... – Gadget Guru Feb 14 '19 at 0:30
  • Samsung Galaxy S5 – Bonnie Kisko Feb 14 '19 at 1:28
  • Cord and adapter where just purchased at my local tech shop. – Bonnie Kisko Feb 14 '19 at 1:29
  • Whey you are talking about "cord and box" you mean an USB charger and an USB cable, right? – Robert Feb 14 '19 at 15:34

The question needs to be more explained! But still, I will try to answer your question.

If you have recently bought it and you are facing problem then there is a strong chance that you have got a faulty product. And you can't recognize the problem by your self because it's more likely faulty in hardware. So, what I recommend is to try another charger if you have it already or just spend a few dollars to get a new one.

Also, there may be a software glitch that preventing the charging. Try to update or reset the phone. Doing these will give it a fresh kick. And if you are still not fixed then I highly recommend following my one of the article. I have pretty much explained about battery issues along with fixes.

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