I have a gmail account on my phone I no longer have access to. Before removing the account I would like to keep a copy of the emails that have been downloaded to the phone. I can't use a google exporter for this as I don't have access. I cannot find where or how these files are stored locally on my phone.

  • I'm guessing they're in a root folder held hostage by gmail. Any workaround where I could get a third party app to pull them all out of my gmail app and save them somewhere? – user287912 Feb 16 '19 at 13:17
  • It depends on what app you are using as email client. If you are using GMail app, that must be under /data/data/com.google.android.gm, but you can't access that without root. – Irfan Latif Feb 16 '19 at 14:13

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