I'm looking for the best way to transfer the video from a smartphone to an external monitor (used in cars, garages) to get a bigger picture.

  1. I find this useful for dash cameras, and for entertainment with bigger display.

May I accomplish this with a OTG cable?

Your help is welcome.

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If you are looking to mirror the display only and don't need touch inputs, I used something like this before to achieve the same via microUSB: Rocketfish MHL HDTV Adapter. Likely you can find either an HDMI to miniDISPLAY adapter, or maybe a different cable that fits your needs (the one I've linked is the one I purchased and used myself so I can at least vouch for it's functionality; at that time, I believe I used it with a Samsung Note 4 - Android 4.4).

Additionally, I have seen wireless dongles that act as a receiver, but I have not personally tried these before.

  • I wonder if that MHL cable can work when the smartphone has not such feature in its specs. Commented Feb 22, 2019 at 5:47
  • @Michael Angelo Just out of curiosity, I did another search. As your OP did not indicate the device's OS version -- assuming that's a determinant factor for compatibility -- I was surprised I didn't come across an explicit answer to that (example). There is mention of a power supply adapter for the display end in event of incompatibility though. Update: before I finished this post, I did managed to find a list of compatible devices on MHL's official site.
    – Arctiic
    Commented Feb 25, 2019 at 18:49

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