On a Moto G (5) Plus running Android 8.1.0, API 27, I have Default Print Service under Settings > Connected devices > Printing.

When I click on Default Print Service it starts searching for printers, which doesn't return anything, even though my printer and phone are on 192.168.3.x (my home LAN). I can click the 3 dot menu and click Add printer, then under Add manual printer, I type the IP address of the printer, but the result is immediate:

Printer not supported

The printer is connected to the LAN through a JetDirect 300X (yes, very old technology). But the printer works fine when configured to receive output from Windows machines. On Windows, I put in the IP address, Port Number 9100, protocol Raw. The driver is HP LaserJet5, which comes with Windows.

Beyond the default print service, I also tried and HP Print Service that I found on GooglePlay, but I could not find a way to manually add a printer using that.

Is there a way to get my phone to print to this LAN connected printer?


I have been through a similar struggle, but a Brother HL-2250DN networked printer and Android Pie. Printer is not showing up when searching in Default Print Service.

I can see the Brother printer on the network using Fing, and can ping it by its IP address so it isn't a network problem.

The Brother supports Internet Protocol Printing (IPP) which is apparently supported by Android, but I'm not convinced Brother's implementation is good. It also supports other protocols supported by Android, but enabling them all doesn't make the printer show up.

I discovered if I shared the printer from my Mac, it did then show up in Default Print Service, and I can print from my Android. Unfortunately, sharing from Windows doesn't seem to work in this way.

It would be nice not to need another client powered on in order to print, but that probably requires a printer natively supporting Google Cloud Print or properly implementing an Android supported promoting protocol.


Hp Epson all offer apps for print from smartphone. Download those app and connect to printer.

Even you can use usb cable to connect to printer. Otherwise use Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection.

Use google drive to print a document.

Or on chrome browser go to setting /advance / printing / manage cloud print / add printer.


There's an app that I got to work called Let's Print Droid.

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