I have an unlocked Samsung Galaxy S9, and I've heard from multiple sources today that Android 9.0 was finally released to unlocked S9 phones. However, when I check for updates, it shows the error in the image I attached. Additionally, says that it last checked for updates around the same date that I bought my phone. Why is this happening?

This pops up after a few seconds of checking for updates:


EDIT: My phone appears to be attempting to update. I saw a notification that said that it was looking for updates. Immediately after that, I got a message from my carrier saying that my phone requires a software update. As some clarification, my carrier doesn't know that I'm using an S9 since I just swapped my old phone's SIM card in. I'm now thinking that this is a bug.

  • Probably the update isn't available for your region yet. I have a Note 8 and waiting for the Pie update as well. – esQmo_ Feb 18 '19 at 18:48
  • My carrier thinks I'm still on my old phone too. I have an S9+, there is an Update for North America. I've been trying to get an update for a month, but finally managed to get one. Are you using Wi-Fi (to save Data Charges)? – Rob Jun 12 '19 at 3:00

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