The Sent folders in Gmail on both my Galaxy phone AND my Nexus tablet are suddenly showing only "me"...........as the SENDER!

Come on, Gmail......I think I know who SENT my emails.....I want to quickly see who I sent them TO........without having to open every one to look at the details.

Was it a switch that someone at Google forgot to TURN ON when doing a recent update?

What gives????


It is a known issue. You can use the app feedback to send a report to Google. To my knowledge, there is no fix. You will just have to live with it until they fix it, which considering the post date on some of the places that others have complained, it might not get fixed anytime soon.

Other places this issue has been posted at:

Sent folder showing sender instead of recipient - 9/12/18

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  • Please forgive me...I truly don't want to come off sounding like a twit, but......I've been a computer user for 20+ years and a Gmail user for as long as the program has existed. I do not recall seeing nothing but me, me, me, me, me, me, me in the Sent folder......as recently as a couple of WEEKS ago.....or I would have bitched and whined looooooooooooooooooooooooooong before now, believe me. – Michael Scott Feb 19 at 19:46
  • Plus, YES, I've seen some of the ancient (as old as 2012) complaints (which is a LIFETIME in dog.....er, computer years), so I refuse to believe even GOOGLE wouldn't have responded to such a "drop dead stupid" programming error as simple to fix as THIS in this length of time.(Plus, as I say, I would have DRIVEN from Canada to Google HQ about FIVE years ago if the problem were that old! :-) – Michael Scott Feb 19 at 19:51
  • And, again, don't mean to sound like an a**hole, but do you have any empirical evidence that the Sent folder has ALWAYS only shown the Sender's name? It's a non-nonsensical concept that you'd want to see who SENT your email. Why, how would such a design/layout ever see the light of day?? – Michael Scott Feb 19 at 19:53
  • By that, I mean an actual pic of an Android Gmail Sent folder? Shouldn't be hard to come up with. (Although, granted, I don't have a shot of one, either. Who knew it would be "needed" in order to prove a no-brainer concept this simple. TO GOOGLE, no less!?! – Michael Scott Feb 19 at 20:02
  • Do you know what the version of Gmail you were using before it stopped? – CodeMonkey Feb 19 at 20:15

Very annoying problem. I noticed it recently. Until Google fix it, one solution is to use another mailbox company who isn't plagued by this problem (Yahoo, for instance) and switch your gmail account there. Not perfect but if enough people do it, maybe Google will start working on it.

  • Please don't suggest Yahoo, a company known to have exposed BILLIONS of records through security lapses, as a substitute. – wbogacz Jun 30 at 12:49

It's September 15th 2019. I have noticed this issue start with an update around 4 years ago or so. It's really annoying and it's yet another example of how Google operates. look at how they messed with Google voice and Hangouts .

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