I have rooted my LG E610 (Optimus L5) recently. Accidentally my play store apk is uninstalled and deleted. What should I do ?? Android version: 4.0.3

  • You can try to replace the deleted apk withthe one from opengapps.org or you delete all Google apps and install the complete Open GApps package (e.g. nano, micro or what you want). – Robert Feb 20 at 18:41

I've had some previous experience using this device and if I remember correctly,
You have 2 options
1 - Reinstall just the 4.0.3 Google play store application


2 - Install a fresh firmware
LG E610 L5 Firmware's

The fresh Firmware installation WILL be an upgrade to android 4.3, This will change your kernel and a downgrade is very difficult after that.

I'm fairly sure I ran KitKat via CyanogenMod 11.. The cyanogen build is stable for my every day usage and the benefit of KitKat goes without saying.
firmware I used - I think... it's been a while.

You should already have a Custom Recovery !
Never gain root access on any device, without a way to make a backup... You need to have backup and restore capability with any rooted device.

So mainly, Grab a gapps package for 4.0.3 ( or just the phonesky.apk and phonesky.odex files )

Or firmware upgrade..... I just firmware upgraded ... I think KitKat comes with the HotSpot settings and few others that help out :)

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