I factory reset my Galaxy j7 to get rid of some cryptomining malware that was taking control of my phone. Most of my files are backed up on the SD card I have installed, including all my photos. Upon restoring everything from my memory card and cloud, every one of my photos is blurry, tons of memories nearly ruined. I've tried others gallery apps but everything is low quality. How do I get my photos back to their original high definition?

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    Can you access your files from a notebook, to check if the files on the cloud are corrupted or if it is something wrong with your phone? – Leonardo Alves Machado Feb 20 at 23:16
  • What cloud service? Many of them compress photos by default – Natanael Feb 21 at 18:18
  • Which gallery app you were using before factory reset and which are you using now? – Irfan Latif Feb 22 at 23:39

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