I have a Samsung SM-T230NU 4.4.2. I have had this tablet for 3 years. I have factory reset it about 5 times. Every time it has less memory available to use. It says I have 3.52GB available space and yet, I cannot download a 92.42MB app "Granny".

I have gone through the apps, uninstalled all updates on some of the preprogramed apps and turned them off, clear cache from all apps group and individually. Yet even though it says I have 3.52GB it will download, install and then gives the message: Free up space with no suggestions as there are NO apps installed. Is it because there are certain apps that don't run on a tablet? It's like the memory once used may not be used again for any other purpose, even when you uninstall and clear cache. How do you erase this ghostly memory that doesn't seem to clear?

  • Free up space can be happen also if you are using a sd card and it is full or something. You can try taking it out, reboot, try install. But if something else, for whatever reason saying the location for download or install has no free space because it doesn't. It doesn't necessarily see what you think you see. – CmosBattery Feb 24 '19 at 4:56

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