so I am running a galaxy j7 on Android 7 nougat something very strange happened recently
just to give you a background to not max out my internal storage I have mounted WhatsApp folder using a third party utility app called app2SD
so the WhatsApp folder in my internal storage is a bind or a link that points to the same folder on my memory card I have been using this arrangement for now over 4 years and had no issues then all of a sudden out of nowhere I noticed I could not download any WhatsApp images I could download videos and other items such as document and audio and based on what I told you everything goes to the memory card with links inside the internal storage (and no there is no other simple way to make sure that your WhatsApp data doesn't clutter internal storage because WhatsApp is not really so keen on giving that option to store all its data that is all its media data to external storage)
so what I did was remove the mounting . after this all WhatsApp media is now on internal storage and nothing is being w r i t t e n to memory card and with this arrangement I have no problem downloading anything but it is filling up my internal storage

show another observation is that even if I use an explorer app try to write to that WhatsApp image directory it will give me an error saying that it does not have write access and this is a rooted file explorer program.
so my question here is what could have caused the situation if it is a corrupted memory card I would not be able to copy in any directory but I am able to copy and paste in all directories other than WhatsApp images
I have done so far : I renamed the WhatsApp image directory and created a new WhatsApp image directory and moved all my pictures there and made sure it is 755 and the same exact situation happened no difference
so what is causing this issue is it the filesystem limitation for the number of files in a directory in that case what would that be for an exFAT system this is a 128 GB memory card SanDisk

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