In Android, Gmail released an update, and it asked me for Default, Comfortable or Compact appearance.

I chose the Default, ofc I don't like it, I miss the old red bar already..

Now I want to try the Comfortable appearance in the Gmail application. How to?

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  • FYI, the Default, Comfortable or Compact choices refer solely to the density of the messages grid/rows, not the overall appearance/color scheme of the app. – Alex Feb 23 at 11:32

For the Android App, click the 3 horizontal bars (top left) -> scroll down to Settings -> General Settings (the top option) -> Conversation List Density (Default / Comfortable / Compact.)

It took me forever to finally find this setting! It was driving me crazy.

  • Extra level of difficulty — in another language this setting might not mention density at all. In Russian it says something like "mode of conversation chain". That makes sense... – Rarst Mar 5 at 11:12

Click the gear icon in the top right corner, select "display density," then select your choice. By the way, I think "compact" is the most space efficient and most like the original gmail display.

  • Hey Maggie, welcome to the site, and thanks for the answer! What you say works in a desktop computer.. I am asking about the Gmail app, I will edit my question, and +1 to you, since future readers might benefit from your answer. – gsamaras Feb 22 at 20:52

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