Took my Samsung Galxy S6 to a kiosk in the mall to have the battery replaced because my battery was discharging pretty quickly during use (only lasting about 2 hours). I charged the battery fully when I got home and it worked fine until later that night. It just shut off on me. Then I couldn't get it to turn back on and the battery indicator read 45% while I had it plugged in and charging, but still couldn't get it to turn on but for about 30 seconds and then it would shut off again. I took it back to the kiosk and the replace the battery and told me it needed to charge for 5 hours and then should work ok. Almost same thing happened except now I can turn it on when pulled it only. Battery reads 100% but as soon as I unplug it, the phone shuts off and won't come back on unless it's plugged in. Do you think it's just crappy batteries that were installed or do you think the guy at the kiosk messed up my phone?

  • Please first look into Lithium battery memory, to better understand how the charging process works and fails. ... It sounds like a cheap battery was used to replace the genuine battery. The battery might also be incorrectly installed. – Gadget Guru Feb 25 '19 at 9:02

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