I am wondering what would be a safe way to root my Samsung Galaxy Tab A 2017 (SM-T380)?

I understand there is CF-AutoRoot and such but I have no experience in rooting any device with that method and I'm extremely scared that if I attempt to root my tablet with CF-AutoRoot and such that my device will get bricked.

Details about the tablet below.

Android Version: 7.1.1

Security Patch Level: January 1, 2018

Build Number: NMF26X.T380DXU1ARB3

"OEM Unlock" option available ✔

I also have another question. The tablet has a pending update to Android Oreo, if I were to update the tablet and the tablet was rooted at the time I updated it would it affect my root?


I removed my RMM prenormal with miracle box no box and after finding the twrp tar on xda used it to install a custom zip file i made with superr kitchen and a rom from samfirm . There are no roms a

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