A little back story:

Today afternoon (around 12:00), a classmate took my phone to see about its features and stuff, spent some 8-10 mins with it. I wasn't paying much attention so not to be rude. After I came back home in the evening (around 17:00), I noticed slight lag (just a few times). Now (21:00), something is taking up my WIFI speed as the speed indicators in status bars are showing.

What I did:

  • Tried "Force Stop" on Photos app cause it sometimes starts backing up, checked that no WhatsApp backups were going on.
  • Searched the internet like "which app is taking up my Wifi" and all results are related to either "know who's using your Wifi" or "data usage on mobile data", but I don't have mobile data plan. I only use WIFI.

Ok I think I'm very much clear. The question is: What is using WIFI on my device in the background?

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